What are we?

  • Our program provides an individualized, custom weight loss treatment program. We will work on nutrition counseling, physical activity, behavioral modification, and medication management. We provide care to men, women, and children (aged 12 or older). Patients may come in self or provider referred. We will also assist patients who need to meet pre-operative weight requirements or maintenance of weight loss after bariatric surgery. We have seen the importance of maintaining a healthy weight for overall health. We know the importance of eating healthy and regular physical activity, but weight loss is so much more than that, so many factors contribute to the disease of obesity. We are here to help you in your weight loss journey.

Do you do consultations?

  • We do not do consultations. The first appointment is considered a specialty office visit. 

Do you prescribe medication?

  • If indicated, we will review your vitals, baseline weight, labs, medical history, etc. The providers will discuss this  during your New Patient appointment. 

I don't want to take medication, does this program require it?

No, we have a lot of patients who focus on nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits and have had success in the program.

How often do I need to come in?

Our typical timeline:

  • First: Establish care with the provider (45-60 minutes).
  • Next: For 3+ consecutive months - patients will schedule a follow up visit every 2-3 weeks. (These are typically 15-25 minutes and can be in person or virtual). 
  • Virtual (Telemed)- still allows patients to come in for their Inbody Weigh-In at their convenience. Patients have up to 2 weeks and must have a follow up appointment scheduled and keep their appointment.
  • Follow up appointment may be pushed to 3 weeks if schedule is full. 
  • If weight loss is going well, patients can schedule for 1 month follow ups (15-25 minute appointments -virtual or in person).
  • Once goal weight is achieved, patients may schedule follow up appointments every 1-3 months, then every 6 months, then yearly.  

Does my insurance cover the full visit?

  • Our office is in network with most insurances but, ultimately, it depends on what insurance plan you picked. Some patients have to pay office visits towards their deductible and can cost up to $300 per visit. Some patients have co-insurance and only have to pay a % of their visit. Some patients only have to pay a copay. Some patients don't pay anything. The best way to figure out how much your appointment will be is to call the number on the back of your insurance and let them know you are interested in coming into a "medical weight management clinic" and ask them what it is going to cost you/what services are covered.

  • Please note, Medicare is currently on waitlist basis. 

Why do I need to take chart pictures? 

  • We understand not everyone is comfortable taking pictures, however, these pictures are for your New Patient chart notes and the provider to review.
  • It is great to see your "before, in between and after" photos throughout your journey.
  • See our "Transformations" tab for examples, again we only share these with permission. 
  • It is hard to see your own physical changes along your journey, with pictures it's a little bit easier.
  • We typically take these every 3-6 months, depending on progress.

I can't make it to my appointment, what can I do?

  • We offer Telemed (virtual) visits! These are quick 10-15 minute visits. Call us at 509-438-8966 or send us a message through Kareo to change your appointment. You'll receive a link through email or text, click on the link and the provider will chat with you at the time of appointment. Patients can still come in for their Inbody Weigh-In at their convenience, patients have up to 2 weeks and must have a follow up appointment scheduled and keep their appointment. If unable to do a Telemed, please refer to our No- Show Policy to avoid fees.

Do you sell weight loss products?

  • No, we do not. Programs are customized to your personal healthy habits.

Do I need to be a patient to use the Inbody Scale or SECA 554 scale or get injectables?

  • Inbody Scale: Non-established patients can come use the Inbody Scale for $30- bring ID and card/cash. You can walk-in at any time, there may be a wait if we have a patient scheduled.

  • SECA 554 Cash pay for non-patients is $40/weigh-in + $20 annual fee for the cloud-based access to the data from our Seca 554.

  • Non-established patients can also get injectables, see the injectables tab for prices, consult and vitals may be taken.

Will Lipo Mino help me lose weight?

  • Not necessarily, Lipo Mino is to give more energy. However, it can increase metabolism.

Why do I need to fill out/sign my patient intake forms before my appointment?

  • These forms include consent, privacy, medical history and our policies. It also lets you upload a picture of your insurance (front and back) and driver's license, making it easy to check-in at the time of your appointment. If you have questions on any of the forms you are welcome to type in "will discuss at appointment" instead of your name. Just make sure to click "submit" at the end, so we receive it electronically.

  • The provider reviews your medical history before stepping into the room and is unable to start the visit without the consent forms submitted.

  • If unable to fill out forms electronically, please contact our office or we request you to show up 30 minutes prior to appointment to fill the forms out.

Why do I need to have a credit card on file?

  • Credit card is needed due to our no-show policy

    • To hold you accountable for your appointment. If you cancel in less than a 24 hour notice or don't show up there is a no-show fee of $80 for new patients and $50 for established patients (stated in our no show policy).

  • For further questions please contact our office at 509-438-8966.

  • Check out our Instagram @aspirehealthmwm for tips, motivation and what is going on in-clinic!